from by SECT



History maligned // reality reassigned
dogma for homework // interference with a healthy mind
head in the sand // ass in the air
teach me perversion
groomed from the start // doomed to their part
suffer the children
this education is a broken record
a broken fairy tale with one set of answers
to swallow // memorize
and spit back up for the rest of their lives
closed minds deified // status quo enshrined
revisionist curriculum
interference with a healthy mind
(what fucking creator?)
the only creation I can see
is a system that preys on its young and weak
the only release -
bitter end of a hollow church and state
two thousand years and two testaments late


from SECT, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved



Raleigh, Portland, and Toronto hardcore. Feat. ex-members of Shut The Fuck Up and current members of SECT. XVX. Old.

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