All Or Nothing

from by SECT



Predisposed to a lack of control
I did it young & I did it well
got hooked at a susceptible age
on all the things that i could live without
bottles to gods // tv to cops // and it stuck
I'm no one's saint, I just ran out of patience
for the fuckers that would suck out my days in dollars
and leave me to wake up in shadows
I know my reasons, with or without the anthems
these aren't the guns that mean shit to stick to
it's whats left of you when all this goes
when the train pulls out
only enemy is in a mirror
a bad year // a few wrong turns
and any of us could be the other
I try to remember
'cause the train was long gone
when I dug myself out


from SECT, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved



Raleigh, Portland, and Toronto hardcore. Feat. ex-members of Shut The Fuck Up and current members of SECT. XVX. Old.

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