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Millwall D.
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Millwall D. See the cover? That kinda describes what you will hear here. You need this. Favorite track: Scourge Of Empire.
H H Bjarnason
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H H Bjarnason Only a few artists today take full responsibility for their voice. SECT with Chris Colohan at the front do that. Relentless music. A soundtrack to the political, war-ridden apocalypse. Yet filled with hope. Hope that someone cares enough to make music about it. Good job SECT, you have used your talent well. Favorite track: Sinking.
Ron Deuce
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Ron Deuce The guitar players took the HM-2’s, threw them out the window, picked them up off the sidewalk and then plugged them into the amps and recorded this album. Oh yeah and they smack you in the grill with feedback quite frequently because the feedback and HM-2’s make beautiful music together. Colohan has a sharp and pointed tongue in the lyrical department. Favorite track: Curfew.
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2016 Self-titled LP // XVX001

Self-released on LP, cassette, and digital in North America. Available internationally on all formats through Reflections (EU/LP), Alliance Trax (Japan/CD), Caustic (Brazil/LP), Damage Done Records (Czech Republic/CS), Cactus (Malaysia/CS), Resist Records (Australia/LP), Life.Lair.Regret (Australia/CS).


released August 5, 2016

recorded February 2016
tracked by Wes Gillespie at Roost Frequency, Raleigh NC
mixed and produced by Scott Crouse and James Chang
mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, NY

James Chang - Guitar
Chris Colohan - Vocals
Scott Crouse - Guitar
Ian Edwards - Bass
Andrew Hurley - Drums



all rights reserved



Raleigh, Portland, and Toronto hardcore. Feat. ex-members of Shut The Fuck Up and current members of SECT. XVX. Old.

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Track Name: Curfew
Send in the rats to guard the cheese
protect the necks of sanctioned thieves
another death, another coward
who’s on the clock but off the record
Rough Ride. Slave.
alibis, fast as you can dig the graves
if the fires have to burn all your festering cities half way to the ground
for every one, every dead mother’s son -
then I guess it’s all coming down
because nothing’s left to dignify this excessive farce
for another business quarter or election year
born on the downside of an invisible cage.
death in custody. broken neck of a world in chains.
like it’s an incident and not a system
of the deputized and their excusers
you are collateral
it was acceptable
no lives matter now
cut you down.


This song was written in Spring of 2015 in the wake of the murder of Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore Police (all 6 of whom were ultimately exonerated). As the epidemic worsened, we released this song early after the 2016 police slayings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille , with the following statement:

"We had reservations about posting this, not wanting it to come off as insensitive, opportune or self-serving (“Fuck this tragedy and here's a song dealing with it, Preorder Here!”) but at the same time, really wanting to post it, and right now. This is how we honestly feel, and the epitome of what this music still represents for us. It’s how we share grief and anger over such horrors, how we vent and process them personally and contribute to the greater dialogue about it publicly; we form our words and songs into a scream and let it out to join the others. So: We're putting this song up early in light of the rising death toll in one of the worst mass murders in modern western history, to help sustain the conversation and if nothing else to offer support, condolences and solidarity from our corner of the world. We stand with all victims of systematic violence, abuse and deliberate oppression.

“Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise” - Jenny Holzer"
Track Name: Death Dealer
Warlords, securing monopolies
on the balance of terror // mutually assured disease
it's not the Cold War that never ended
it's the Crusades we're still abiding
talk about Rogue States with a stockpile to rival the big bang
and Nuclear Ambitions, because our own go without saying
worry about it, because you know what's in your own black heart
what power does and always will
who's the one that's dropped one on the living again?
Atomic Christ // you’ve got them kneeling
can't control it // I'm done subscribing to this.
Track Name: Scourge Of Empire
Sprawling like weeds to its final breath
the scourge of empire in the throes of death
we brought the seeds of our oldest disease
chained up below deck
new markets, new beginnings
new hunting grounds for the rich
trample what you have to // shackle who you must
take it all, every creature great & small
every body and culture // all yours to plunder
christendom down your throat
new world swinging from a rope
the west is a tired lie
waiting to take itself out.
Track Name: Seventh Extinction
Twilight of the harbinger // apex predator
never stopping to question until the death bed
why all his gods look like him & how strange to be
conclusion & protagonist of the sacred myths
the creature that creation was created for
reassured by anthropocentric manmade justifications
because all is commodity if all is dominion // grow
pinnacle of history's labours
and not the first weak link in the chain
first animal with nothing to offer
out to take all & sink the whole ark
absolving himself all the way to the grave
it's all for you // was all for you
Track Name: Interference
History maligned // reality reassigned
dogma for homework // interference with a healthy mind
head in the sand // ass in the air
teach me perversion
groomed from the start // doomed to their part
suffer the children
this education is a broken record
a broken fairy tale with one set of answers
to swallow // memorize
and spit back up for the rest of their lives
closed minds deified // status quo enshrined
revisionist curriculum
interference with a healthy mind
(what fucking creator?)
the only creation I can see
is a system that preys on its young and weak
the only release -
bitter end of a hollow church and state
two thousand years and two testaments late
Track Name: All Or Nothing
Predisposed to a lack of control
I did it young & I did it well
got hooked at a susceptible age
on all the things that i could live without
bottles to gods // tv to cops // and it stuck
I'm no one's saint, I just ran out of patience
for the fuckers that would suck out my days in dollars
and leave me to wake up in shadows
I know my reasons, with or without the anthems
these aren't the guns that mean shit to stick to
it's whats left of you when all this goes
when the train pulls out
only enemy is in a mirror
a bad year // a few wrong turns
and any of us could be the other
I try to remember
'cause the train was long gone
when I dug myself out
Track Name: Rendition
Truth is not in your constitution
turn your back on the human condition
you can't waterboard a social relationship
you can't disappear this many witnesses
you're running out of level heads to put prices on
they're running out of whistles to blow
when it spills into daylight // and burns through the night
remember your alibi of 'progress and freedom'
as you shoot the messenger dead
so why stop now? I've been negotiating with terrorists
since the day I was born
& when I cower in silence those animals win
the heroes you celebrate // all dissidents in their time
but show me the man and I'll show you the crime
Track Name: Fend
Scapegoat // run for your life
these liberators wish you nothing but genocide
homelands // blown apart
sacrificed as pawns in a pissing match of lesser gods
run for cover // from the perfect storm
choose the mob or the fucking gun
worldwide front lines // refuge? white lies
all sides radicalized
Track Name: Total Void
Misery assembly line // desperation by design
you teach me helplessness // sell me dependence
give me the keys to a worthless kingdom
where everyone's smiling // laughing and dying
clawing for the poisons you send down the line
front row seats to their own enslavement
on a long march to funerals they can't afford
ground up for feed // to money and machines
dying on a waiting list for a hope that never comes
sinking in the mud // in a total void
Track Name: Sinking
I saved the messages you don't remember
to play you back when you got better
you missed the exit and went on sinking
the cancer growing // the man is shrinking
and all of that time spent laughing at life
you let down your guard and it all starts slipping away
yeah some shit went missing // and you went missing with it
so far gone you couldn't see when you'd stopped
pulling it off // it was painful to watch
and now it's just this old wound
I like to rub some salt in now and again
a played out cautionary tale
a worn out eulogy for a friend
never coming back // never coming down
it must be a good good feeling
to carry you so far away
it must be some heaven
I could never understand
I saved the messages you don’t remember
to play you back when you got better
you missed the exit // went right on sinking
the cancer growing
the man succumbs